Will it be profitable for my business?
The machine can be amortized in a few months. You can calculate the pay-off time.

How often should I clean the machine?
We recommend cleaning the machine once a day. The innovative automatic shower system (optional) has been designed to flush out the machine during idle periods and facilitates later thorough cleaning.

How long does it take to clean the machine?
The ergonomic design of the squeezing components enables a fast and efficient cleaning process. They are very easy to dismantle with smooth, round surfaces and edges and without inaccessible crevices or dirt traps. With a damp cloth and warm soapy water, cleaning can be completed in about 10 minutes.

Can I squeeze any kind of citrus fruit?
The machine has been designed for juicing any kind of citrus fruit, bearing in mind that the shape of the citrus must be close to a sphere and the diameter should be between 60-80 mm (2.36"-3.15").

I would like to have a machine but I don't have much free counter space
Our model Versatile Pro is the narrowest automatic juicer on the market with a width of just 33 cm, We also have machines fitted on stainless steel stands, so no counter space is needed.

Where do the peels go?
After the citrus fruit has been squeezed, the peels are automatically ejected into a closed and fitted peel bucket located on each side of the machine. In the stainless steel models there is a large capacity, integrated waste bin inside the machine stand.

Will I constantly be feeding the machine with oranges?
For larger production of juice, we have models with an automatic feeding system and a feeder capacity of 18 Kg / 40 lbs.

How can I control orange wasting?
The machines can be fitted with a counter to enable the operator to monitor orange usage at any time.

What about maintenance?
The machines require no routine maintenance.

What problems am I likely to encounter with the machine?
Problems only arise due to operator error, such as the machine being assembled incorrectly or the wrong size fruit being used.

What if I need to replace any part?
We can dispatch any replacement part in 48 hours. You must contact your local authorised distributor or deal directly with us.

What is a good location to place these machines?
Any place where there is a demand for top quality, healthy, freshly squeezed orange juice, such as bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms, airports, schools, universities, etc.