About Juicers of America

Juicers of America has been a distributor for commercial juicers since 1997 and was the first to start importing commercial juicers from Europe. Juicers of America has been servicing more than 4000 clients nationwide, offering customer service, providing a team of knowledgeable salespeople, technical support and service, and fast delivery of replacement parts, usually within 24 hours of order placement. Juicers of America has been servicing the hotel, restaurant, bakery, cruise ship, health and wellness spas, and juice bar industries.

Juicers Of America is proud to offer the new Zummo Nature line of commercial juicers. By incorporating the technologically advanced efficient vertical squeezing system (EVS), Zummo Juicers have better yield than the competition because it does not have the outdated squeeze nā€™ splash system. Zummo Juicers also offer the only automated filter which will bring efficiency to juicing.

About Zummo

Zummo Innovaciones Mecanicas, a Spanish company founded in Valencia, began is activity in 1992 in the search for the perfect juice. Gradually becoming a global benchmark in the design and manufacture of automatic citrus fruit extraction machines, marketing its products in more than 90 countries. Today, 25 years later, Zummo has become a consolidated wager, a brand of prestige and quality in its sector, backed by its exclusive juice extraction system (Efficient Vertical System).

The desire that guides and encourages Zummo to continue with its work day after day is to become a national and international benchmark in the design, manufacture and marketing of the best quality juice extraction systems.